Guaranteed Housing Plan

There are almost 600,000 people in the United States without a roof over their heads. Of the ones with places to live, over 100 million rent. Of the ones who live in homes they think they own, over 200 million have their homes mortgaged. Less than 4% of the people of the United States actually own their homes. (Source: US Census)

This policy will be carried out in three phases. The first phase will address the national emergency of houselessness, while setting up structures for the following phases. The second phase will address housing safety, from domestic abuse to fire hazard wiring, we will prioritize those who can not stay where they are. The third phase will make free housing available to everyone, by use of a simple-to-operate app.

Phase One

A national sign up list will become available as soon as Sherman becomes presidential elect. On inauguration day, a state of emergency will be declared regarding houselessness. Using Eminent Domain, all uninhabited residential properties are to be expropriated, and then inspected for safety. Safety inspections will begin within 24 hours of the first expropriation. Those residences judged safe will be available to be used as housing for a person or family not currently living under a roof within 3 days. All houseless people will be housed within 90 days.

All houses judged unsafe will be upgraded or demolished in accordance with the Eco Housing Policy. Then restored homes will be made available to the national housing sign-up list.

During this time, the App used in Phase Three will be alpha tested, but not relied upon.

Who is Eligible?