Firearms Education

Campaign Policy on FIREARMS is as follows:

Firearms will be made accessible to all Getting a gun will be like a driver’s license Every applicant must provide valid proof of identification, proof of insurance Like a driver’s license, your handler’s card will have to be renewed, insuring that we are providing everyone with education that matches the rapid development of technology If questions about previous history comes up it will be handled on a case by case basis; just like a speeding ticket

Each insurance company will most likely want to do their own background check before even granting coverage. Creating an additional layer of security Current and previous service members National Marksmanship Competitions to remove the fear of guns If individuals score higher than 90% on an aptitude test they get invited to the state championship.

Federal standards will be put in place to insure that everyone has the access to the best firearms training possible Currently discussing the possibility of setting aside funding/resources for supporting local gunsmiths facilitating this education for their communities Education should start in primary school. We teach our kids to leave the hot stove alone, why not apply that same logic to firearms. Lesson plans will be research backed and in turn age appropriate.

Please note teaching safe handling procedures doesn’t automatically mean the handling portion Teaching kids to handle paintball guns and BB guns is just as important Having a shared understanding of firearm safety will imp