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Fundrasing Win Win

After we have raised enough funds to file in all 50 states all surplus funds donated to this campaign will be donated to a grass roots organization (please note the organization needs to align with our movement this will not exclude groups that support Socialism) or groups that support a future president who happens to be a black fat women) in the zip code of the donors choice. 

We Agree With Gina


Our Planned Expenditures 2024 


Media $0

Fundraising $0

Campaign Expenses $0

Salaries $0

Unclassifiable $0

Administrative $0

Strategy & Research $0


Yes, we want to win & we are out of our minds!

We want to address the real problems in our city. Lawmakers ditch town halls just so they don't have to encounter their constituents...but how do you serve the people when you don't know the people? Hell you wont even talk to them. Our movement is different we believe there is no better way to empower citizens than to throw open the doors. We are running our campaign remotely. This includes stumping, rallies, benefit dinners, debates, and fundraising. We will also not be keeping any of the financial donations made to this campaign after we have enough to get on the ballot in all 50 states. All surplus donations to this campaign will be donated to grass roots organizations; which align without our movement in the zip code of the donors choice. So even on the off chance we lose we win!

$1.4 B

  • $623.1 million - HillaryClinton campaign

  • $598.2 million - Party and joint fundraising  committees

  • $204.4 million - Super PACs

$957.6 M

 $334.8 million - Donald Trump campaign

 $543.4 million - Party and joint fundraising committees

 $79.3 million - Super PACs

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